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Commercial Secondary Glazing

Commercial Secondary Glazing

With a wealth of experience in the Commercial Secondary Glazing, we have worked on a host of major projects with architects, contractors, project managers and developers across the UK.

MW Window Systems have established as a major provider for the design, supply and installation of Commercial Secondary Glazing across the UK. With a plethora of experience from projects such as the NED Hotel – London, Beacon House – Bristol, Corn Exchange – Manchester, together with the UK’s largest manufacturer who’s product quality is unrivaled, we extend our commitment to offer complete customer service satisfaction to the Commercial Secondary Glazing Sector.

By using our own installers, who take pride in their work, we can ensure every project is completed to the greatest standard.

Click the link to view some of our recent installations of Commercial Secondary Glazing across the UK. Case Studies

Manchester Corn Exchange Commercial Secondary Glazing

We offer a range of secondary glazing that meets the demands of the commercial sector for high-performance acoustic insulation, improved thermal insulation and enhanced window security.

Acoustic Insulation

Outside noise kept out; our system protects against noise pollution from traffic, aircraft or street noise. Essential in libraries, galleries, museums, lecture theatres, meeting rooms, hotels and offices. So effective, we’ve installed secondary glazing to keep noise in, such as nightclubs.

Improved Thermal Insulation

Double glazing doesn’t fully prevent heat loss in a building. Installing Commercial Secondary Glazing seals the gap tighter, so the heating can be kept to a minimum and the energy saving can be significant.

Enhanced Security

Commercial Secondary Glazing improves building security, providing another secure barrier for an intruder to breach to gain access. Windows can be the easiest way into a building, so extra security makes a big difference.

Reduced Condensation

In most cases, fitting secondary glazing eliminates condensation.

Our Commercial Secondary Glazing products are available in the following styles, which are designed to match both the aesthetics and function of your primary windows. Click on one of the icons to understand more about features and performance.

For further information on our secondary glazing range, click here to download our brochure, alternatively you can speak with us directly by telephoning 01246 588334 or email