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Residential Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing for Homeowners

Residential Secondary Glazing offers significant improvements to your home and without disturbing the existing windows, Residential Secondary Glazing is seen as a simple yet cost effective solution to reducing noise pollution and heat loss amongst other things.

Homeowners install Residential Secondary Glazing to combat 2 main issues, acoustic and thermal performance. The installation of secondary glazing boasts a great number of benefits and can be installed within all house types even Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. Our customers receive an 80% reduction in noise breaching the primary window and up to 65% reduction in heat loss.

Residential Secondary Glazing is often used in conjunction with single, double, and triple glazed uPVC or timber windows.

MW Window Systems are a leading supplier of residential secondary glazing, which is made from durable aluminium and available in over 200 RAL colours. Our installation package includes a 10-year warranty on frames and glazing and a 2-year warranty on moving parts.

The installation of Secondary Glazing within conservation areas is advised by Historic England as the installation does not change the original fabric of the building. Information on Listing building consent advised by Historic England can be found Here. Historic England also have helpful advice on secondary glazing for listed buildings and conservation areas and that can be found here.

Manchester Corn Exchange Residential Secondary Glazing installation

Our aim is to provide the best possible product, together with excellent service. To that end we’ve been focussed on delivering great quality, value and service to our customers for many years.

As approved Granada partners, we can provide a comprehensive range of unobtrusive styles to suit most window and property types. Whether it’s for the added security, noise reduction or energy efficiency, our windows provide years of robust, trouble-free service.To learn more, please get in touch.

Our Residential Secondary Glazing products are available in the following styles, which are designed to match both the aesthetics and function of your primary windows. Click on one of the icons to understand more about features and performance.

For further information on our secondary glazing range, click here to download our brochure, alternatively you can speak with us directly by telephoning 01246 588334 or email