Interested in Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing Sizing & Options

Maximum Panel Size & Weight

Please refer to this table when using our online estimation form for the evaluation of maximum sizes and weights. If the information presented below is hard to understand, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to explain your options to you.

ProductMax Panel WeightOverall Window Minimum Size (mm)Minimum panel sizeMaximum Window Size 4mm GlassMaximum Size 6mm Glass or 6.4mm LaminateOn Application 6mm Glass or 6.4mm Laminate
SS240kg4002501/2 of min overall width240018002400200049002700
SS3 / CO340kg5502501/3 of min overall width360018003600200049002700
SS440kg7002501/4 of min overall width490018004900200049002000
SS540kg8502501/5 of min overall width490018004900200049002700
BVS25kg3506001/2 of min overall height150030001500300016003600
TBVS25kg3507001/2 of min overall height150030001400270014003000

Alternative Glass Options

These alternative glass options cannot be priced through our online estimation, if you require specialist glass from this list please get in touch with us for a quote.

Glass Type
4mm Toughened
4mm Toughened Low E (Hard Coat)
4mm Toughened Obscure (A)
4mm Toughened Obscure (B)
6mm Toughened
6mm Toughened Low E (Hard Coat)
6mm Toughened Obscure*
6.4mm Clear Laminate
6.4mm Clear Laminate Low E (Hard Coat)
6.4mm Clear Acoustic
6.8mm Clear Laminate
6.8mm Clear Acoustic
Fly Screen Mesh
(a) Arctic, Autumn, Contora, Cotswold, Everglade, Flemish, Minster, Stippolyte, Sycamore.
(B) Charcoal, Chantilly, Digital, Florielle, Mayflower, Oak, Pelerine, Reeded, Taffeta.

Alternative Timber Sub frame Options

These alternative Sub Frame cannot be priced through our online estimation, if you require a Sub Frame from this list please get in touch with us for a quote.

Timber (Sub-Frames Pre-Drilled & Countersunk)
45mm X 21mm Face Fix
45mm X 30mm Face Fix
45mm X 42mm Face/Reveal Fix
62mm X 21mm Face/Reveal Fix
62mm X 30mm Face/Reveal Fix
62mm X 42mm Face/Reveal Fix
70mm X 21mm Face/Reveal Fix
70mm X 30mm Face/Reveal Fix
70mm X 42mm Face/Reveal Fix
45mm X 45mm Square Corner Post
62mm X 62mm Square Corner Post
Bevelling Charge (Each Side)
 Custom timber sizes are available - priced on application 

Available RAL Colours

Our online estimation prices for standard white finish. However upto 200 RAL colours are available and can be priced on request.